Cactus Charlie!!!!!

Cactus Charlie (Farmer Charlie) had fun entertaining the crowd at the Just Add Kids Active Kids Fest on February 26, 2011. He showed his tricks and then got the crowd involved trying to spin the rope as well. He even cracked the whip to show everyone how loud it is!!!!


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  1. [3]I loved EVERY minute of it dear frneid!!!! I am so glad you are doing this. I laughed, I cried and I can’t wait for more!!! Blackberries are bushes by the way. Their scientific name is Rubus occidentalis they are a member of the Rose family and not actually a berry at all nickel knowledge courtesy of Dr. Thompson. See you bright and early Monday morning! Love you!By the way this was so addictive that the hour of time I had allotted this morning for working on my internship has come and gone I didn’t even crack open my notebook.[]

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