Betty, The Naked Neck Chicken, and Her Chicks!!!

I went to the barn last night and found that Betty’s chicks were starting to hatch. I have been so busy, that I was surprised that 21 days had passed since she started to sit on her eggs. These 2 little guys were peeking out at me, and she had lots more to hatch!!!

There are now 11 baby chicks that have hatched. Betty still has 4 eggs under her that have not hatched. We will have to see if there are babies in them or not! Tomorrow I will candle the eggs if they have not hatched. I will use a small flashlight and hold it up to the egg to see if there is a chick in the egg. The chicks all fit under her when they want to get warm. It is so cute to see them peeking out!!!

Here Betty is showing them where the food is. She makes an excited clucking, and they come running to see what the excitement is all about. When she pecks at the food, they do, too!!!

Betty is a Naked Neck chicken. That is a breed of chicken that does not have feathers on their neck. That is the way they are supposed to be!!! Her babies are not “purebred” Naked Necks, but they all have naked necks!!! Naked neck is a dominant gene in genetics.

Come and see Betty and her chicks in the Small Animal Building!!!!!


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  1. Ann Awerkamp Dickson – LOVE the photos Cami and Dan! Great clroos, cool to tie in the airplane a memory for a lifetime captured!!!! Beautiful ring. Love the black and whites too. a2d

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