Betty and Wilma the Naked Neck Chickens!!!!!

Naked Necks are sometimes called Turkens, because people think that they look like a cross between a turkey and a chicken. They do not have feathers on their necks and have a reduced number of feathers on the rest of their bodies as well. They only have about half of the amount of feathers of other chickens of the same size!!!! They are good egg layers (They have red earlobes which means they lay brown eggs!!!!), and they are very good mothers. They are very tough birds–they do well in the heat or the cold!!!

Some of the animals stay at the farm in the winter, and some of the animals come to our farm. The chickens are now at our place for the winter, and I am enjoying really getting to know their personalities. Wilma is the red one, and Betty is the black one. They have become my “chore buddies” and follow me around while I feed the other animals. These two stayed in the brooder house at the farm this summer until they were old enough to go with the “big chickens”! We got them in the mail when they were two days old, and by the time we moved them out of the brooder house, they were flying out of their pen every time the door was opened. They had lots of attention, so they are very friendly!

Wherever I am in the barn, Betty is right there as well. She loves treats of bread, oatmeal, goat feed, sheep feed, hay, apples, etc.!!!! She is a fun gal!!!!!


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