Green Meadows Farm was started in 1964 in Waterford, Wisconsin by Bob and Coni Keyes when they decided to convert their 80-acre hog and cattle business into a “pick-your-own” vegetables and raspberry farm. (At that time “pick-your-own” farms were a new concept in produce marketing.) When they discovered that most of the other “pick-your-own” farms in and around the Milwaukee area excluded children, they marketed their farm as a place to “bring the family.” They also decided to incorporate some of the farm animals as an additional way to draw in families and, voila, the petting zoo was born!

Along with Bob, Coni and their children, they employed neighbors to serve as guides and give hayrides. To their amazement, by the early 1970’s the farm was hosting as many as 1,200 visitors a day during the spring and fall seasons!

Bob and Coni expanded to offer horse-drawn hayrides, sleigh rides, barn rentals for parties, campfires, and overnight outings at the farm. They also became mobile leaving the farm to give pony rides, horse-drawn hayrides or sleigh rides with draft horses at events. During their “off season” they continued to expand and offer new experiences.

As you might suspect, Bob and Coni were getting older and they found the Wisconsin weather a little cold so they headed south to Florida to “retire”. However, in November 1988, they opened a second full time Green Meadows Petting Farm in Kissimmee Florida. This beautiful farm operates 363 days a year and is where Bob and Coni call home.

Green Meadows Farms are owned and operated by members of the Keyes family in the following cities:

We are proud to say that over 500,000 visitors pass through the gates of Green Meadows Farm each year.